Heather Lee Welcomes You

Heather Lee is a spiritual guide, retreat facilitator, and creative writer of poetry, prose, prayer and song.  She invites you into this moment to listen to the love that guides, grows, heals, and holds us all.

Swimming in the Heart

Honoring the silent, still, surprising nudges of the Spirit in all, Heather offers gentle encouragement to discern and deepen connection with the Divine (however one names that presence) and to foster trust in an enormous love that holds us all.

Heather has been formed as a Spiritual Guide at the Shalem Institute of Spiritual Formation, as a Benedictine Oblate at the Holy Wisdom Monastery and is a student of Wisdom.

Heather is a member of Spiritual Directors International and is listed as part of the team of spiritual guides at Holy Wisdom Monastery.

Heather is available to meet face to face, on zoom, or on the phone.  Contact her to schedule.

Heather's Swim: Painting by Joseph Arbogast

Listening to the Birch and the Milkweed

"Heather Lee has an eloquent way with words, shown both in the prose and the poetic songs in this book, not to mention the epiphanies she experiences along the way. And her music is heartening, hopeful, and healing. " 
----(Arthur Boers, author--Foreword-This Moment of Retreat)

This Moment of Retreat invites readers to retreat to the present moment to listen to the healing guidance that is being sung in the voices of Scripture, prayer and meditation, journaling, poetry, and song.  Each of the seven chapters includes a song written by Heather Lee that can be accessed here.

Heather's many other creative works include Swimming in the Heart: The Poetry of Spiritual Guidance capturing Heather's identity and work as a spiritual guide and  Listen, Stay, Obey, her  Benedictine rule of life.

Heather has been a writing devotions  for The Word in Season for nearly a decade and has recently published an article in the Journal of Lutheran Ethics for the issue on Faith, Science, and Climate Change.

 Draw forth new creation

Heather Lee uses songwriting and singing as  prayer  and experiences the process and the outcome as a path for spiritual exploration, healing, expression, and growth. She invites her listeners to find those things for themselves in the sharing of her work

Heather has recorded two albums: She Stands and Into the Light and has written and shared many other songs, including her Benedictine Rule of Life "Listen Stay Obey".

Singing and Songwriting is an integrative and healing gift from times in retreat for Heather and are often shared in those settings. Contact Heather to discuss personal or group retreats that include her music.

Contact Heather Lee

Telephone: 414-491-0516

E-mail: heather@heatherleeonline.com

Heather invites you to contact her so she might listen to how she can be of service to you or your community as a spiritual guide or retreat facilitator. She welcomes ways that she can share her music, poetry, and other writings as part of that listening. 

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