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Creative Writing
Draw forth new creation

Heather's creative writing is often the fruit of a deep listening and  integration process from moments of retreat and can be  shared in those settings. Contact Heather to discuss personal or group retreats that include her poetry and devotional writing.

Heather's other creative writing includes Swimming in the Heart: The Poetry of Spiritual Guidance capturing Heather's identity and work as a spiritual guide and  Listen, Stay, Obey, her  Benedictine rule of life.

Heather has been a writing devotions  for The Word in Season for nearly a decade and has recently published an article in the Journal of Lutheran Ethics for the issue on Faith, Science, and Climate Change.

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Telephone: 414-491-0516

E-mail: heather@heatherleeonline.com

To schedule a retreat or learn more about how to engage Heather's creative writing.

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